Inter and intra-cloud networking

Rapidly connect and segment any device, anywhere in the world

The problems holding your business back

Organizations are increasingly taking advantage of cloud networking as a cost-effective way to increase agility, automation, and scalability of their networks. While the integration of cloud environments and corporate networks offers the promise of unlocking tremendous value, it also comes with significant networking and security challenges.

Challenges surrounding cloud networking:

  • Deploying and maintaining separate networking and security policies for connectivity, segmentation, and encryption across different architectures is complex and tedious to maintain.
  • Conflicting IP addressing causes complex routing challenges, such as peering between two separate Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) with private IP addresses.
  • Because cloud computing is still an emerging set of technologies, integration between providers isn’t exactly easy.

Identity-Defined Networking (IDN) - The Way Forward

With true host-to-host secure networking for any device, IDN eliminates most challenges around cloud networking. For the first time, organizations can connect, encrypt, and segment any host or service across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. With a simpler networking architecture, IT departments can now realize the full benefits of moving business critical systems to the cloud.