Secure third party access

Fast provisioning and unbreakable segmentation for host-to-host access

Significantly reduce supply chain complexity with a modern architecture

The problems holding your business back

If your organization has a supply chain, which often includes vendors, contractors, or partners, that need access to systems and devices across your network, you likely are facing complex networking and security challenges. Secure access is not as simple as ‘on’ or ‘off’, and to protect internal systems individual access needs to be isolated, which create costly overhead.

Challenges surrounding third party access:

  • Security often stops at the edge of the network, not down to the individual host or service.
  • Traditional technologies makes it difficult to give time-based access for only specific devices.
  • Hackers can steal credentials to gain access to vendor-controlled systems, and then exploit vulnerabilities and/or poorly managed privileges to move laterally across the internal network.

Identity-Defined Networking (IDN) - The Way Forward

Tempered Networks Identity-Defined Networking solution solves the problem of secure and segmented third party access. With an improved networking architecture based on cryptographic identities, it’s now easier than ever to give specific devices and individuals access to the right resources, down to a perimeter of one, without having to worry about issues surrounding IP conflicts or complex VPN configurations for example.