Secure networking for IoT, M2M, & legacy devices

Fast provisioning and unbreakable segmentation for host-to-host communication

Rapidly connect and segment any device, anywhere in the world

The problems holding your business back

While the push towards connecting systems and devices on to a common network has the promise of unlocking tremendous value, it also comes with significant networking and security challenges. Due to IP complexity, securely connecting a variety of devices takes time and requires multiple products and tools, increasing both risk and costs.

Challenges surrounding networking and security:

  • For larger organizations, connecting anything on the network can take weeks, and go through multiple security reviews.
  • Connectivity for remote sites can be costly, whether it’s MPLS lines or a private APN from a cellular carrier.
  • Conflicting IP addressing schemas create an inflexible networking architecture.

Identity-Defined Networking (IDN) - The Way Forward

With Identity-Defined Networking, it’s easy to connect any device, anywhere in the world. With a better networking architecture based on cryptographic identities, you can now securely route, segment, and encrypt previously unconnectable devices. And they can be securely integrated with other systems across physical, virtual, and cloud environments, with minimal changes to underlying infrastructure.