Customer Case Stories

Consumer Goods Manufacturing
Value: Enabling network convergence with secure network segmentation and NAT
A global manufacturer with more than 400 plants worldwide was moving from siloed, plant-based networks to a converged network.
Value: Enabling PCI compliance and reducing attack surface
A large hospital in the northeast U.S. needed a better way to segment sensitive data and manage personnel access to certain devices.
Power Generation
Value: Secure, mobile connectivity for distributed, remote assets
A power utility company needed a simpler way to secure substation communications in remote, hard-to-reach areas.
Chemical Manufacturing
Value: Reducing costs with secure NAT
A global chemical manufacturer that uses mobile, wireless scales within its manufacturing plants needed to overcome the limitations of its static IP addressing.

Value: Reducing the cost and complexity of secure access
A large university needed to provide secure remote access for students and staff to its research and engineering lab network.

Value: Strong security with simple and granular access control
An international resorts operator needed secure connectivity across their infrastructure for a variety of devices and machines.

Value: Securing substation assets and communications
A large hydropower company needed security for substation assets and communications, and to reduce network complexities.
Oil & Gas
Value: Stronger security and simplified management of M2M communications
An oil&gas company needed secure connectivity to network three separate networks.
Value: Secure, controlled interconnectivity between critical networks
Providing interconnectivity between separate research and development, manufacturing, and corporate networks.