Common Use Cases

Building automation systems
With IDN, it’s now easy to connect and protect your building management systems, while isolating traffic away from the rest of the network.

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Simple peer-to-peer secure remote access for vendors
IDN solves the issue of an expansive supply chain, with vendors, contractors, or partners, that need access to systems and devices across your network.

Cloud Integration and Peering
With true host-to-host secure networking for any device, IDN eliminates most challenges around cloud networking, enabling connectivity across all networking domains.

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PCI DSS Compliance
IDN provides significant support for the key requirements and controls of PCI DSS with a simple, sustainable, and operationally efficient enterprise architecture.

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IoT, M2M, & legacy devices
IDN delivers secure and segmented connectivity for any device, across all networking domains, physical, virtual, and cloud.

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Unbreakable micro-segmentation
IDN solves the problem of secure segmentation for any host, network, or service with a modern networking architecture based on cryptographic identities.
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DR, failover, & isolation
Instant disaster recovery, failover, and isolation is now easy with IDN. Now organizations can achieve a new level of network availability and resiliency.
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Remove constraints of IP conflicts
The two global namespaces used to uniquely identify a host or service on the network are flawed. IDN introduces a third namespace that enables global IP mobility.
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