Identity-Defined Networking Outcomes

Achieve what was previously impossible


Tempered Networks’ comprehensive and award-winning networking platform is based on the principle that it must be fast and easy to connect any device, anywhere, anytime. Significantly reduce OpEx and CapEx with an improved approach to networking that enables organizations to easily build flexible and secure networks.


What you get

A better networking architecture that goes anywhere and makes it easier than ever to give specific devices and individuals access to the right systems or resources.


Reduce time to provision by up to 97%

Rapidly deploy and easily orchestrate secure networking policies for every connected device, everywhere, based on unique cryptographic identities.

Reduce attack surface by up to 90%

With a dramatic reduction of your total available attack surface, this means you can better focus security efforts where they count.

Cloaking:  Make protected devices invisible from the underlying network

Unbreakable Segmentation: A honeycomb approach, with connectivity and segmentation down to individual host or service level.

Increase productivity by up to 5x

With an improved networking architecture that makes connectivity and security easy, IT teams can now focus on what’s important to grow the business. With IDN, it’s simple to deploy new network designs and policies that improve quality of service, monitoring and uptime.